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Use the calculator below to calculate your statutory interest resulting from your debt.


Interest is a legally regulated fee incurred for using somebody else's money. Interest is also charged when you delay performance of your obligation.
Interest is due only when this is determined by an agreement, a law, a court decision or a decision of any other competent body.
If an agreement fails to specify the value of interest, the interest due is statutory interest.


Art. 481 of the Civil Code
If the debtor delays the performance of a monetary obligation, the creditor may demand interest for the time of delay, even if he has suffered no damage and even if the delay was caused by circumstances beyond the debtor’s control.
Art. 509. of the Civil Code
§ 2. Together with the receivable debt, the rights connected therewith shall pass to the acquirer, in particular, the claim for the interest in arrears.


Currently, statutory interest is 13% per annum.
Below, there is information on statutory interest applicable since 1st May, 1993:

According to the Ordinance of the Council of Ministers:

 after 15th December, 2008 statutory interest was 13% per annum (Journal of Laws No. 220, item 1434),
 after 15th October, 2005 statutory interest was 11.5% per annum (Journal of Laws No. 201, item 1662),
 after 10th January, 2005 statutory interest was 13.5% per annum (Journal of Laws No. 3, item 16),
 after 25th September, 2003 statutory interest was 12.25% per annum (Journal of Laws No. 166, item 13),
 after 1st February, 2003 statutory interest was 13% per annum (Journal of Laws No. 14, item 137),
 after 25th July, 2002 statutory interest was 16% per annum (Journal of Laws No. 117, item 1009),
 after 15th December, 2001 statutory interest was 20% per annum (Journal of Laws No. 143, item 1612),
 after 1st November, 2000 statutory interest was 30% per annum (Journal of Laws No. 90, item 996),
 after 15th May, 1999 statutory interest was 21% per annum (Journal of Laws No. 43, item 429),
 after 1st February, 1999 statutory interest was 24% per annum (Journal of Laws No. 7, item 52),
 after 15th April, 1998 statutory interest was 33% per annum (Journal of Laws No. 106, item 668),
 after 1st January, 1997 statutory interest was 35% per annum (Journal of Laws No. 151, item 713),
 after 15th December, 1995 statutory interest was 46% per annum (Journal of Laws 1996, No. 141, item 694,
 after 1st May, 1993 statutory interest was 54% per annum (Journal of Laws No. 33, item 148).