Debt –
what does
it mean?

Debt – what does it mean?

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Debt – what does it mean?

Debt arises when you stop settling your liabilities on time. If you are in arrears with the payment of electricity, gas or water bills, do not pay credit instalments or you are in arrears with other payments, do not expect that the company you owe money to will forget about that. This company will be reminded about it by its accounting system and it will try to use various possibilities to recover funds due to it.

Entering into an agreement is the cheapest solution.

If you delay the payment of your bills, or credit or loan repayment for a long time, the institution you owe money to can sell your debt to a debt collection agency. Then you become a debtor. Consequently, you can expect that this entity will undertake any lawful steps to recover the funds due. However, at the beginning it will try to reach an agreement regarding debt repayment. And this is the most advantageous solution for you. If you decide not to take advantage of it, the debt collector will undertake formal steps. This will denote additional costs, which you will have to bear in the light of the provisions of law.

You still do not pay – what then?

The longer you deny to pay, the higher costs you will have to bear later, and they are not only financial ones. Steps will be taken with the aim of initiating court proceedings, which will only cause you more inconveniences and additional stress. You will not avoid the costs of court and enforcement proceedings either. What is more, the data on your debt can be added to the register of the Economic Information Bureau. This database is a kind of a warning for entrepreneurs against unreliable customers. Being listed in this register, therefore, has a negative influence on the image of the person in debt and it often constitutes an obstacle for this person to obtain a credit or a loan in the future.